What is White Kidney Bean Extract

Phase 2 White Kidney Bean ExtractWhite kidney bean extract is more commonly known as phaselous vulgaris—a member of the family that includes beans, legumes, etc. It is advertised as a weight loss product because of its ability to block the production of carbohydrates associated with the pancreas. More appropriately white kidney bean extract slows the production of the enzymes—produced by the pancreas—that causes the breakdown of sugars associated with foods high in glucose (sugar).

benefits-of-pure-white-kidney-bean-extract A study performed over a 30-day trial period, proved that the subjects who were given the extract had a lower BMI than those who took the placebo. The dose was given before meals high in carbs, and the subjects had a greater weight loss, as well.



According to advertisement, white kidney bean extract:

• Slows alpha-amylase production
• Leaves less sugar behind to prevent abdominal fat, and can reduce obesity
• Regulates blood sugar
• Can prevent diseases such as diabetes
• Increases metabolism, and or energy
• Alleviates arthritic symptoms
• Aids in the prevention of colon cancer
• Reduces fat to allow for a leaner body mass

It is recommended that those considering the use of the extract contact a physician before taking the weight loss capsules. While it does block fat production, it can also decrease nutritional values in the foods consumed. Therefore, anyone taking white kidney bean extract should maintain a healthy diet, and get a reasonable amount of exercise. It is not recommended for women who suspect that might be pregnant or for women who are nursing babies, and should never be given to children.

Overall, according to the studies that have been done involving the extract, it does prove to be a good weight loss supplement.

Benefits of Pure White Kidney Bean Extract

pure white kidney bean extractThere is something new out there called the pure white kidney bean extract. It might not be new to everyone, but it will be new to some of you. There are some who say that having pure white kidney bean extract in your diet is good for you. What is the key factor in this?

The kidney extract will absorb some of the enzymes and put up a block. This delays the digestion of some foods. It’s what we refer to in the health field as a “starch blocker.” It will lower the glycemic index for the foods you eat.

Weight Loss and Dieting

There are studies that indicate this does work; however, there are some things you need to consider. First of all, this is not supposed to be thought of as a “quick-fix.” We all want the “quick-fix” these days. This is not meant to be one of them. You are still supposed to exercise and have a healthy eating regiment. Just going on the extract alone will not encourage a healthy weight loss plan.

What you need to factor in is what you eat. You also need to factor in how much of it. The quality of food you digest is very import when it comes to diet and weight loss.

We all tend to crave the refined-carbs. This is where all the sugars come in. I like to call these the comfort foods. Whole grains and fruits are actually more weight-friendly. These are the things you need to be eating, if you want the extract thing to work properly. These foods will make you feel fuller longer. The whole grains and fruits will reduce your chances of snaking so much.


More recent studies are showing there is nothing wrong with the kidney extract. In fact, there is nothing potentially hazardous about “starch blockers”, as a whole. You do need to be careful though. Before you start this regiment, you need to consult with your doctor. Find out how he or she feels. Then go from there.